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What are the classifications of low frequency transformers?
- 2019-06-13-

The low frequency transformer is a type of input transformer, and its shape is extremely similar to that of a power transformer. There are low-frequency transformers, and naturally there are high-frequency transformers。 What are low-frequency and high-frequency transformers? The so-called high-frequency transformers are naturally different in frequency and have different intentions。 The signal voltages transmitted are naturally different。 The signal power is also very different for the signal difference between the high frequency transformer and the low frequency transformer。 While using the transformer, be sure to find out if you are using the right one。 Otherwise, using the wrong transformer can be said to be a headache。

A low frequency transformer is a device used to propagate signal voltage and signal power to achieve impedance matching between circuits, and has an isolation function.

According to the position of the circuit, the low frequency transformer can be divided into an interstage coupling transformer, an input transformer and an output transformer.

1. The interstage coupling transformer is used between two stages of audio amplifier circuits. As a coupling element, the output signal of the preamplifier circuit is transmitted to the next stage, and appropriate impedance transformation is performed.

2。 The input transformer is a transformer used between the audio push stage and the power amplifier stage, which functions as a signal coupling and transmission。

3。 The output transformer is connected between the output circuit of the power amplifier and the speaker, mainly for signal transmission and impedance matching。 The output transformer is also divided into a single-ended output transformer and a push-pull output transformer。

The low-frequency transformer adopts high efficiency, low loss and environmental protection circuit design; it has over-voltage protection and overload protection. The product is beautiful and elegant, the shell is made of high temperature resistant flame retardant, ultrasonic welding is used, the use is safe and reliable; the output interference is very small, the output voltage is stable, and the service life of the external electrical appliance can be better extended。


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